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DiDi’s is an entity under the umbrella organization Sisters in Solidarity (SiS). SiS is a social enterprise based in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, India. It was founded on September 25th 2008. It is run ‘by women’, ‘for women’ towards strengthening their collaborative efforts to fight poverty, poor quality of life and low self esteem among women. DiDi’s is an organization that focuses on hands-on vocational training and empowerment of underserved, marginalized and destitute women from extremely low-income groups. We started off with 10 women are now up to around 65 women, with a mission to grow this number every year, going forward.

We provide women and young girls the skills, dexterity, determination and internal tools that are required to master an area of their choice. So far our areas of skilling are- training in cooking, tailoring and driving. We work with women to build high confidence levels, gumption and a strong sense of self in them, through ongoing interactive empowerment workshops conducted by us. We believe and consider this to be an extremely important tool that enables positive and successful life outcomes, both in terms of their professional and personal life skills and learning’s.

Our workshops help women develop an inner strength that takes them along way and helps then successfully deal with social and operations issues that crop up in their work place as well as their communities.

‘Gender imbalance’, as we know it, is a topic of great concern that cuts across many states in India, and Uttar Pradesh is known to have one of the highest gender disparity rates. Its most common manifestations being- the widening sex ratio, poor maternal health, increasing incidents of female feticide and female infanticide, low literacy levels of girls/ women and insufficient women in the work force. A large number of women/ girls in poor communities struggle to overcome obstacles like domestic violence, sexual abuse/ rape, social pressure of a patriarchal culture, and the likes. We at SiS, aim to uplift and empower women that are burdened with the suppressions on a daily basis. Our efforts to empower women help reduce the social gap in gender in equality. We try and achieve this but successfully accrediting our women both mentally and physically, with skills and the ability to be an equal contributor in society-at power with any other. Their strong determination and internal strength, which they acquire through the workshops, helps empowers them to feel like an equal in their homes and in society. Our women are able to successfully take on gender based challenges by feeling and being in charge and in control of their emotional and financial lives.

Strong Women build Strong Communities

The majority of the world's poor– around 70%– are women. They are at the forefront of meeting the basic needs of their families, and the survival of many communities depends on their skills and knowledge. Therefore successful development initiatives that target women often result in greater social impact.

Our Vision

To enable and empower women, in their daily lives, from extremely poor communities and also other sections of society.

Our Mission

To facilitate skills development and vocational training and to create sustainable livelihoods for women.

Our Focus

Our activities are focused on practical programs aimed to empower women, making them overcome the challenges of poverty. These programs include training and empowering women from low socio-income backgrounds and employing them in income generation projects setup by our organization and other private and public ventures.

Millennium Development Goals

DiDi's is striving to successfully fulfil the Millennium Development Goals, in India.

  1. Eradicating extreme poverty and hunger
  2. Achieving universal primary education
  3. Promoting gender equality and empowering women

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