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At DiDi’s you will find a fine group of talented, high energy,confident and committed people.We are a group of women and men working together in harmony and providing services to people and businesses in Lucknow city. We are committed to impact the community by bringing about positive change. Each individual at DiDi’s contributes his or her unique personality and skills to further our work, creating a dynamic environment in which positive change can take place.

If you are interested in joining the DiDi’smanagement or shop floor team and have expertise in areas that align with our needs, we encourage you to apply.

Employee Opportunity

Marketing Assistant

Internship Opportunity

We welcome individuals to come and intern with DiDi’s. Through your internship, you could learn how the ropes on how to manage a social enterprise, what it takes to train women and girls and then assist them in transferring these skills successfully in the workplace.

Volunteering Opportunity

  1. Volunteering placements
  2. Individual volunteering

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