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Through out DiID's Model - the three tier approach, we have been able to impact several lives within our direct circle of contact and even beyond, in the communities and villages. Through the years, our DiDi's, as we call them, have become empowered beings of courage, conference and empowerment, radiating a zest for life, that is unimaginable.

Working at DiDi's brings discipline to their daily lives and teaches them team work, the art of collaboration and realistic future forecasting of monitory funds – essential skills required to keep any venture afloat as well as their personal lives in shape.

Our ongoing efforts at DiDi’s has resulted in many women becoming financially stable and self-sufficient, enabling them to be at less of a risk to sexual abuse/rape, domestic violence, and women trafficking. Our model provides them a sustainable economic livelihood option.

They live full lives at work and at home and are striving to harmonize their environment every day. They fight for quality and justice, through their dedication and perseverance at home and work. They recognize the right way of living for themselves, their families and communities.Thus becoming personal activists in their lives and more so social activists in their communities and beyond - Spreading the ripples of Girl power and Empowerment.

The videos below, along with the success stories captured will showcase the progress these women have made mentally, physically and professionally - in their thought, words and action - an evident behavioral and perspective shift in their daily lives.

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