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We believe that it is essential to instill a sense of empowerment in our women for them to live purposefully and contribute to society and their personal lives in a positive way. Empowered individuals are known to be more in control, with a life force that is geared to productivity. We would like our women to be strong minded and active contributing members of society – both in their homes and their workplace.

Sociological empowerment is what we practice. This is known to address members of groups that social discrimination processes have excluded from decision-making processes through - for example - discrimination based on cast, ethnicity, social standing, religion, or gender. Empowerment as a methodology adopted by DiDi’s is associated with feminism. Our belief is that women and girls across boundaries need to be empowered to attain a social space for them in society that is equal and respectable. The rage of this could vary across countries and continents, however is it a global phenomenon.

Our women come from marginalized communities and are usually considered to be marginalized individuals; they lack self-sufficiency and have low self-confidence because they are dependent on male family members and other men in their communities. They are deprived of opportunities to develop, and this deprivation translates into low self worth and lack of any accomplishment. Such conditions often lead to psychological, social and even mental health problems.

At DiDi’s we believe in respect for all. Along with this we provide our women appropriate skills, dexterity and the strength to be productive at work. We have discussions, education sessions and programs that reward them for their success and hard work at the workplace. The strength acquired through these discussion, education sessions, the economic independence - gives these women an identity, something they lacked before.

It is these empowered women who go further and strengthen their families and pose as role models in spreading the message to others in the community – that empowerment is the key to successful and happy living. Having a sense of purpose in life is essential. In addition, this helps our women think more constructively about themselves and their role in this world, giving them a sense of identity. They stop feeling victimized and take control of life situations both at home and at work. They start approaching problems with a solution-oriented mindset instead of playing the victim and being helpless. This is clearly evident in our productivity rates in all three units – foods, creations and driving. Empowered women are the future to a successful India!


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