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An important area of focus for DiDi’s is to develop skills for our girls and women that give them a channel to express their creativity and identity through work, and life in general. We train our women and girls on at least one of three skills – cooking, tailoring and driving. Through these vocational training programs they are equipped at a basic level to implement and put into practice their learnings.

With time on the job these women and girls pick up additional on the job skills and are equipped to take on additional roles in the work place. Such skills could be – customer service, client facing, relationship building, book keeping / accounts, inventory management, budget allocation and the likes. Given that DiDi’s is a social enterprise and is run by the women themselves, our women wear multiple hats at work and interchange roles and responsibilities as and when required. This helps us in multiskilling our women and girls, and gives us the advantage to substitute them for workers on leave or when understaffed. The women and girls also enjoy this movement across roles and it gives them the feeling of something new at work to look forward to. Being in charge at work helps them take on responsibility and mature at a must faster pace.

At the end of the day, our women and girls stand out among others from their communities – as they are highly employable, financially independent, a huge support for their families – both financially and emotionally and confident individuals – ready to take on any challenge that comes their way. They all aspire to one day touch the sky and take on larger and far bigger roles in corporate India. We also have some girls aspiring to study more and get academically skilled in Business Management, Information Technology and the Civil Services.

We wish all our girls well and are extremely grateful to them for being part of the DiDi’s team. Our girls in turn are being rightfully nurtured and prepared to take on the big world, bravely and courageously, with an adequate skill set (social, vocational and mental) - as they move ahead in their lives within India or for that matter around the world!


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