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While Sadhna goes to DiDi's Shyam, her husband drops the children to school.

Adults and adolescents who are a part of the DiDi’s extended community and those involved in our Community Mobilization Programs learn that education is a human right. Limited access to education, especially for women and girls, presents a serious obstacle to community growth and development in many parts of rural India. Through our empowerment, encouragement and training mechanism – a nonformal education program, adults and adolescents with little or no experience with schooling learn about their human right to education.

Empowered to develop a vision for their community’s development, dialogue is generated on the importance of education for women and girls and how their participation is integral to community success. Using this foundation, DiDI’s teaches its employees and community members skills in critical thinking, being solution oriented, how to effectively solving problems and coping skills to deal with family and community pressures levied on girls and women.

Having fun learning.


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