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Victim to a fifteen year unhealthy marriage full of violence, abuse, stress and anxiety. She is now a capable sales woman and a professional driver!

Monica delivering food around Lucknow city.

Monica a young 36 year old started her journey with DiDi’s in 2010. Over the last 4 years she has transformed her life like never before. Monica claims to have changed for the better in more ways than she could have ever imagines, and her family, friends and coworkers are all witness to that. She is a mother of two, a daughter who is 13yeras of age and a son who just turned 10 recently. Monica was victim to a terrible marriage for about 15 years and only recently found it in her to separate from her husband, 3 years ago. Shewas in her mid teens when her family got her married to her husband, against her will.

This was not a happy union, nonetheless she tried very hard to compromise and adjust to her husbands needs to make it work. Soon after she had both her children. During these 15 years of marriage she was subjected to verbal and sexual violence, domestic squabbles that lead to physical violence. Often she would land up in hospital after being desperately beaten by her husband who was an alcoholic. In his bouts of alcoholism he would beat Monica and both his children every other day if not everyday. After suffering for over a decade she finally mustered the courage and confidence to walk out and fend for herself. She was financially broke, emotionally devastated, traumatized and felt a sense of hopelessness. She did not have a plan or any idea of what her life would be life going forward.

Monica bravely moved in with her parents, much against their wishes. She would take care of her sick father and on the side was looking for work to sustain herself financially. In a few weeks of doing so, she came across DiDi’s and decided this was it. She was ready to take control of her life and put together a future for herself and her children. She started working with DiDi’s creations and took to it like a fish takes to water. She came alive with all the activity around her and started enjoying work more than she had thought possible. Spending time with all the women, working along side them, chatting with them – was an experience she had nevereven imagined. Work was no longer just work – it was a place where she attained bliss and was at peace. She made friends and opened up to all of them, by sharing her life fearlessly. It was joyous and overwhelming, and she looked forward to being at work every morning.

Over the last four years Monica has developed into a strong, confident person with an ability to take decisions. She is a responsible worker and heads the DiDi’s creations store at Study Hall School. Her marketing and sales skills have also come a long way. She is now able to single handedly take care of customers, old and new, and make a good profit from sales. Her sales have gone up and we have seen many new customers come to the store, which also speaks of her relationship development skills. In addition, Monica is now successfully trained as a professional driver and is able and willing to take on driving duties for DiDi’s in the near future.

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