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Being skilled and empowered is how we feel at work and at home. We feel we can accomplish anything!

Through our DiDi’s Model we impact the livelihoods of our DiDi’s in multiple ways. We help improve the living conditions of our DiDi’s and furthermore their families, by providing skill and employment opportunities to our DiDi’s. On being skilled and employed with us our DiDi’s become part of a larger group of human capital that is employable and salaried, and capable of better decision making skills and thus better life choices. This gives them a sustained advantage over those that are not, and also enables them to better quality of living and a life of opportunities. On being empowered, motivated, employed and cared for – our DiDi’s have increased income security, food security, emotional security, shelter security, access to more relevant information/knowledge, opportunity to educate themselves/other family members and reduced vulnerability to societal and life challenges, that they were once victims of.

Our DiDi's community ensures that their children have a wholesome upbringing, with access to education.

DiDi’s through its work, vision and dedication has committed to adopt 9 of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) identified by the UNITED NATIONS at the UN Summit in September 2015 in New York City, USA. Key areas where DiDi’s is making an impact and adding to Global Development through its work in Lucknow are – Gender Equality, Reducing Inequalities, No Poverty, Zero Hunger and Good Health and Well-Being.

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