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An entrepreneurial DiDi's employee - On weekends when she is not at work - she sells fresh vegetables in her community, that she grows in a small family farm plot behind her house. Loving what she does and alongside supporting herself and her family with additional income.

Through our philosophy to empower, equip and encourage our DiDi’s, we help build a resource of strong, determined women and girls. Our DiDi’s are a group of individuals that exude an energetic life force, which helps them deal with situations and problem both at work and outside the work place. With our training and constant interaction and motivation our DiDi’s pick up skills that they can apply in all spheres of their lives.

They gradually start taking control of their lives and start living in a far more effective way. They build behavioral traits that help them manage their lives better – by becoming more responsible and aware of their surroundings. This high life force helps then think through situations and problems with a more solution oriented mind frame as opposed to one that always plays victim and feels victimized. We as part of DiDi’s help chance perspectives and assist our women and girls to see life through a positive, empowered lens.

An emotional and financial support to her father. Jyoti lost her mother recently and is the only working member - She supports her retired father and 3 younger siblings by working at DiDi's.


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