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Rescued from child marriage and a violent father

Khushboo, a 21 year old enthusiastic girl started her journey with DIDI’S in 2012. Over the last 3 years she has evolved as a person, and has become a far more responsible and cabal individual. Khushboo claims to have taken control over her life and is constantly striving to maintain her independence — financial and emotional. Khushboo, now lives with her uncle, aunt and grandmother. She was a victim of her father’s violent activities for many years, and was forced to leave school and take care of her siblings after her mother and step passed away. Her father was an alcoholic and spent a bulk of the family income on his drinking. He showed no love or support towards the family - all they were witness to was his temper and drunken behavior. Khushboo during her late teens was often forced to meet boys and consider marriage with them - however she held her ground and always refused, with the support of her grandmother, when her father made such introductions.

Khushboo as a little girl was unaware of the importance of education, her legal rights, privileges as a woman in the society. It was only, many years later when she was enrolled back in school, at Prerna Girls School, by her grandmother - did she gradually start developing into a stronger, educated more confident person. Khushboo is now completing her Bachelors degree from Lucknow University.

She is a responsible worker and handles most tasks at work independently. Khushboo wishes to become a teacher sometime in the future and also aspires to do her Masters, and lead a happy life with her grandmother. In spite of constant negative provocations from her uncle and aunt Khushboo feels positive about herself and her life. She has received immense support and encouragement from her grandmother and is growing up beautifully. She is determined to take on her own life as a strong minded, independent and well educated woman.

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